Red Dot Denotes Piece is Sold


The Three Graces
Prismacolor Zolten Wood (c)'96


Multi-Cultural Icon Panels
2 Panels of Set of 4 - Sold as Set Only -
Acrylic on Canvas, Zolten Wood (c)'99


The Ice Cream Vendors
Prismacolor, Zolten (c)'94


Freedom From Oppression: The Prayer
Prismacolor, Zolten Wood (c)'93

Varanasi Bazaar *
Acrylic on Canvas, Zolten Wood (c)'93


Puja - Ganges
Oil on Canvas, Zolten Wood (c)'91

Sari #1
Prismacolor & Mixed Media, Zolten (c)'89





Rajasthani Camel Races *
Prismacolor, Zolten Wood (c)'93



Prismacolor Zolten Wood (c)'02






Church at Dusk
Watercolor & Handpainted Frame, Zolten (c)'94