India - Ascending Stairs
From the drawings of Nan Kennedy - Zolten Wood (c) '04



India - Details
Zolten Wood (c) '04







'The Book Nook' & Details
For the Cipriani Family - Zolten Wood (c) '03


Koi Pond
For Interior Designer Mary Lee Rhodes - Zolten Wood (c) '02


Zin Restaurant & Bistro
Faux Marble and Mediterranean Sea - Zolten Wood (c) '01



Axelrod's Celestial Dome
Zolten Wood (c) '01


Rainey's Roaring Fire
Trompe L'oeil in Fireplace - Zolten Wood (c) '01


SeaCoast Sprites
Detail - Portland, Maine - Zolten Wood (c) '01


Barton's Seacoast Fantasy
Portland, Maine - Zolten Wood (c) '01


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SEACOAST -Details - Portland, Maine
Zolten Wood (c) '01








Ellen & Uni Model
Inspired by LZW's 'Parade' Poster
See Graphics Page
Zolten Wood (c) '01


Nina & Herself the Elf
Zolten Wood (c) '01






Bailey's Sports Fan's Dream
Zolten Wood (c) '01



Bailey's Details - Eagle Football & Watersports
Zolten Wood (c) '01



Kids of the World - 5'x25'
Creative Playrooms Corporate Headquarters, Solon OH
Zolten Wood (c) '01 - Graphic Pasteup Montage by Juan Quirarte'