Fiesta Metro!
Hosted by Gargano's Catering, Cleveland, Ohio (216) 749-0336
Photo: M Biondo; Zolten Wood (c)

Fiesta Metro!
Original Design
Zolten Wood (c)




Eye 90 Restaurant
Collinwood, Ohio
Zolten Wood (c)


Carribean Bath!
Zolten Wood (c) 2002

Carribean Foyer!
Zolten Wood (c) 2003


Fiori Gallery
Little Italy, Cleveland, Ohio (216) 721-5319
2003 Zolten Wood Interpretation of art based on work by Martha Clark



Scrolled Arches
Greek Letters by S.Gracey
Zolten Wood (c)



Restoration Co-Leader for Team - EcoCity Cleveland
Historic Plasterwork in the basement of the old 'Antiques in the Bank'
3500 Lorain (216) 961-8850 for tours.



le Oui Oui Cafe'
Ohio City, Cleveland, Zolten Wood (c) '04



Reflecting Pool
Completed while Design Associate with Michael J Romeo,
Included in Fall 2000 Issue of Cleveland Home Decor Magazine,
with Trompe L'oeil Faux Mosiac
(As seen in HGTV's Room By Room, July '99)

Wisteria Arbor & Honeysuckle -
for Mary Lee Rhodes - Zolten Wood (c) '02





Scotland Bath
for Bob Rhodes
- Zolten Wood (c) '02







The Secret Garden for La Bella Vita
See Upcoming Events Page
Home Decor Showroom & Shop
in Cleveland's Little Italy - Zolten Wood (c) '02


Rooftop Aviary for La Bella Vita
Zolten Wood (c) '02



Sunset on the Rooftops
for La Bella Vita

Zolten Wood (c) '02